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Service Light Resetting
Product Name : Benz Service Light Reset
Item No. : ATSLRMB
Spec. :
Color : Black
Summary : Benz Service Light Reset
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Use this tool to RESET the 'SERVICE' & 'AIRBAG'  indicators on your Mercedes Benz vehicle (38 pin).

>> New in box. Includes: Unit with built-in Extension Cable.
>> Small and portable.
>> Plug & Play, easy to use, no batteries needed.

Compatible Vehicles
»All Mercedes Benz vehicles with a 38 pin connector except ML Class.

How To Use
>> Plug it in with the ignition off.
>> When the lights on the unit remain lit, turn the ignition on but do not start the engine.
>> Press the button on the function you wish to reset.
>> The lights will all turn on to indicate success.
>> Some models need the inspection reset before the oil service will reset.

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Home    |    About us    |    Products    |    News    |    Download    |    FAQ    |    Contact    |    For Vauxhall     |    Sitemap

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