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Auto Key Programmer
Product Name : Car key master for BMW and BENZ key
Item No. : ATCKM
Spec. :
Color : Blue
Summary : Car key master for BMW and BEN
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For BMW & BENZ, and more vehicles are coming out soon.
Both PC and handset models for your choice
Integrate functions such as key information reading, data calculating, key writing, and is applicable to both old and new models.
Easy operation:
Graphical workflow makes it easy for your operation. What’s more, our Car Key Master can be operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line onmany models without disassembly.
Innovative Payment Methods--- Pay as you go??br /> High security G3 platform
Besides USB communication and online upgrade, our G3 (the third generation) platform is especially featured by its high security: hardware anti-cracking and software anti-copying??dopting IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) for registration, upgrade and payment
Blank keys
  We will cooperate with German technology, and launch the blank key for all the BMW and Mercedes Benz. At that time, you can get rid of the key shortage and no need to use any renovated second-hand keys.

Pay as you go!
With the G3 platform, Car Key Master adopts a innovative payment method according to the use of function modules. We divided the functions of the Car Key Master into several function modules based on the car models. So you can choose to pay for the function modules you need, but not a large amount of money for all the functions. In other words, it can lower your cost and the risk of purchasing our products.
We offer the “Experience” plan. That is to say our car key master is free. You can try to use our products several times after you buying the Token. Through personal experience, you can really know which modelis your necessity.
After trying out, if you are satisfied with our product, you could have the following two pre-pay plans:
1) Permanent license plan--If you get permanent license for the module/modules, you are able to obtain timeless use rights. So you can use freely, don’t need to recharge any more, except further upgrade & function expansion.
2) Pay-per-use plan --- You should order times for the use of function module in advance by paying Token. For instance, if you pay for 10 times, you could use the function model for 10 times. Every time you use the function model, you will spend the equivalent Token which is the fee of the use.

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