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Product Name : SUZUKI intelligent tester
Item No. : ADT034
Spec. :
Color :
Summary : 5Kg
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SUZUKI SDT is the SUZUKI company professional diagnostic tool for the Suzuki car. It have diagnostic, oscillograph and multimeter function. It is a very usefull machine to help you to repair your SUZUKI car.

1.Main function

 Read wrong code
 Clean wrong code
 Reade date stream 
 Draw date strem curved shape
 Setting system 
 Control unit programming
 Sefl test function
 Record and review function


2.Test system

 Automatic transmission
 Controlled traction differential
 Stability control
 Airbag security
 Central doorlock
 electronial control turning system


3.Vehicle oscillograph

 SMT and execute component
 Dual mono oscillograhp
 setting time base and electrical level automatically
 storage and playback


4.Digital multimeter

 electrical system test
 voltage,frequency,duty cycle



touch screen

backlight control

palm computer

compact form

Multiple languages

English,German,French,Spanish,Italian,Chinese,Swedish,Slovak,Portuguese,Polish,Norwegian,Hungarian, Greek,Indonesisch,Russian, Turkish etc 16 kinds of languages 

Easy to use

The factory supply good maintenance platform

1.Equipment on-line
1.1 turn on the equipment power
1.2 It should be connected with OBD diagnostic cable

2.Star the equipment
Turn on the power, entering into the interface then click the “automation”button.

SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-02SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-06SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-05SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-11SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-10SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-09SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-08SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-07SUZUKI Intelligent Tester 2 SUZUKI IT2 ADT034-15

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