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Product Name : LAUNCH X431 TOOL
Item No. : ADT004
Spec. :
Color :
Summary : 16.5KG
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 LAUNCH X431 TOOL (12.00k)

LAUNCH X431 TOOL automobile diagnostic scanner is a new generation of X431 scanner.It features Color touch screen, wireless communication. It is based on the technology of open diagnostic platform, the most advanced automobile diagnostic technology brought forward by LAUNCH. The open diagnostic platform represents the highest level of automobile diagnostic technology, and is the developing trend of this field in the future.


- X431 TOOL can diagnose almost all vehicle models in the world. The function of software update via Internet makes it easy for customer to get the latest diagnostic programs and keep pace with the development of automotive technology.
- The main unit communicates with the DIAGInfinite by means of bluetooth technology. This provides great convenience in operation.
- X431 TOOL is the most advanced automobile diagnostic unit in the world at present. It is compactly designed and with large LCD multicolor touch screen.
- The product is a perfect combination of the automobile industry and the communication technology.
- X431 TOOL is the first one in the world that provides the CAN BUS diagnostic function.
- The product has perfect appearance, large multicolor touch screen. Its PDA function supports Multi-language operation, which provides convenience for people of all countries.
- X431 TOOL can continuously work at least 10 hours with the lithium battery.
- Repair records can be set up by connecting the computer with the corresponding X431PCLINK (optional part) to store the diagnosis data.


Package including:
X431 tool Main Unit;DIAGInfinite, 512M CF Card, USB Cable, CF card Reader, Diagnostic Connectors (TOYOTA-17, TOYOTA-17F, Mitsubishi12+16, Nissan-14+16, HONDA-3, MAZDA-17, KIA-20, Audi-4, Benz-38, BMW-20, BMW-16, FIAT-3, GM/DAEWOO-12, Ford-6+1, OBDII-16, OBDII-16C, Chrysler-6,Can connector/volvo can connector, Power Cord, Diagnostic connector with cable,Cigarette Ligher Cable, Battery Cable w/two clips, Power Adapter, Main Cable, Manual, Plastic Case 4 boxes.

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