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Product Name : Power Supply for BMW OPS Programming
Item No. : ADT118
Spec. :
Color : Black
Summary : 7Kg
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This power supply is special for BMW OPS programming.

Usually it is for professional programming for new BMW and maintaining costant voltage and current during vehicle assembly to programmer.


During programming power levels must be maintained in a narrow range to minimize the chance of damaging controllers. It must be adjusted voltage between 1 and 14 Volt, and between 1 to 60 Amperes before connect power cable to car battery. There are two LCD Monitors to show the V and A statistics.

It is no need to run a car to supply for permanent and stable voltage. It can adjust the AC and DC .It is very strong and stablization.


Model: CD-14V/60A

Input Voltage: AC220V+/-15%, 50HZ

Output Voltage: DC(1-14)V

Output Amperes: (1-60)A
Not a Battery or Charger.

Recommended by almost all manufacturers from BMW and Mercedes Benz to Volvo, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, and many others.

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