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Product Name : BMW GT1
Item No. : ADT036
Spec. :
Color : Yellow
Summary : 4.5KG
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 BMW GT1 (20.00k)

GT1 is offered to the aftermarket in the same specification that is currently supplied to BMW franchised dealers. It is special purpose tool of BMW Series.
Gt1 is supplied with a Pentium based laptop PC on a Windows platform connected to a high specific communications and measurement interface.
GT1 can complete coverage of ALL BMW systems, one thing that can only be done using the GT1, this function is called Electronic Control Unit (ECU) programming and configuration.

Many of the original electronic systems on modern vehicles can now be reprogrammed using software; historically any changes to rectify software problems would involve a new ECU which would be purchased from the parts department and that is the only way that the independent market today is able to overcome these problems.

The GT1 system allows you reprogramme all BMW car ECU's to fix software or to install a blank ECU to a repaired vehicle. GT1 is the only system that allows you to do this and is absolutely essential if working on Freelander, the GT1 is also the only system that provides all diagnostics and programming for the very latest BMW launched this year.

BMW GT1 software kit comprises of five system, TIS system, DIS data system, diagnosis system, measuring system and manangement system. You can test and check data information at the same time in GT1.

Test function :
Read faulty code, clear faulty code and data stream. Activate state, programming, component test, maintenance data information, components location, wiring diagram etc...
TIS AND DIS ARE SUPPLY all of system diagram of all the BMW cars, components location, maintainence method and coding information etc.
Can do completely of BMW car system.

GT1 Packing List:
1. GT1-SCAN Pro mainbody
2. Network cable
3. GT1 for vehicles with 20pin diagnostic connector
4. GT1 for vehicles with OBD II diagnostic connector

The lastes version: SSS V32, DIS V57

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