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  Do the products I ordered come with original package?
Yes, including all parts and manual. For large orders of the same item, in order to save shipping cost, we will package together with special box.

  Delivery way?
The followings are shipping methods we are now supporting:
a) Express (DHL/ TNT/ UPS ): 3-6 days                         
b) EMS: 2-3 weeks                               
Once shipped, we will tell you the tracking number, you can track on line directly. If you can not get the information on line, we will check for you, and if the package reached your city but long time you don’t receive it, please make a call to local post ask for your package.

  What is the MOQ ? How can I have a discount ?
MOQ:1unit. (Except some calbes and connectors) Discount according to your order quantity.
  When I call the phone number listed on your web site, there is no answer?
Because of the time difference, maybe we will miss your call.  If you are urgent, please send email to us: sales@autotoolscan.com . Once we receive you email, will contact you as soon as possible.   

  How much does the shipping cost?
The shipping cost according to the weight/size and shipping method you choose. . 

  How soon the order is processed and shipped?
Normally we have all items in stock, we will arrange for shipping during 24 hours after your payment. If order amount is over 100 units, additional days may be needed to prepare and stock the items. In rare case, when it may take longer to process your order, we will notify you through email and keep you updated on our progress.

Attention: Sometimes it may take longer when the package goes through the custom and the custom may take longer to process it. This is beyond our control. 

  Who should pay for the custom duties if there is any?
The customer is responsible for the duties if there is any. You’d better email us about the customs policy of your country in case of this problem. 

  I am a big-order buyer, can you send samples to me before I make a big order?
Sorry that we cannot send out free samples. We are very serious about the quality of the products we sell and we guarantee it by offering a no-satisfaction return and exchange policy. We have many customers who are ordering at 50 and above quantities daily.

Home    |    About us    |    Products    |    News    |    Download    |    FAQ    |    Contact    |    For Vauxhall     |    Sitemap

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