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About us
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About us

When you open this link, you must want to know more about our company easily. In order to save your time and make it easy, i’d like to introduce us shortly.


      What we do is to supply all kinds of original and after-market car keys, remote keys, transponder chips, car key shells, and all locksmith tools, key programmer tools.


      What we can do is be able to design new after market car keys for all brands, like BMW, MERCEDEZ BENZ, AUDI, VW, RENAULT, etc according to our customer’s requirements and aslo we make project for client’s marketing needs.


      The quality we provide is the highest in the market, as we keep doing these 5 things:

      I. Having experienced purchasers, who know how to recognize the best quality keys and remotes’ materials, so you buy highest quality without worries.

      II. Having professional sales representatives, who know how to introduce car keys, transponder chips, and locksmith tools, so you buy the correct and right items.

     III. Having the quality-checking teams, who double check the quality and test all the remote keys before shipping.

     IV. Having the boss Lady Jessie, who cares the quality and customers’ feedback most, so you are making business with a decent Lady.


    As i know what you need is the best quality with a competitive price, then you can have stable working with YOUR customers. So for sure, i want you to work with us for long time, i must give you the best quality with a good price.


Also, i want your long time cooperation with us, so i have to give you on-time after-sales services, to make your money safe and save your time, otherwise, how can you come back to me again and again?


So, now you know we are a professional supplier for all kinds of car keys since 9th Jan 2010 under the leader of decent Lady Jessie with a united and responsible team. We focus on customer value creation, double-win, responsibility, and long-term cooperation. We never change what we care since 9th Jan 2010.










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