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Motor vehicle inspection center through the national examination

According to the state certification and accreditation regulatory commission kingdom certification by [2] through the state certification and accreditation administration (recognized) special supervision and inspection notice to the requirements and work arrangement, the site for the leader WangJiangDong by NSFC group of four people in 2010, September 10-11, the quality control center for my car fuel designated inspection agencies (CCC) the supervision and inspection of the on-the-spot appraisal.

The supervision and inspection by the testing projects and key components of testing is to verify inspection institutions authorized CCC product ability, true master relevant inspection agencies, and check the status of the testing results of test institutions traceability ability, quality control ability, experimental environment and equipment and inspection personnel that actual operation ability.

On-site evaluation, an original inspection report, selectived examination evaluation test results, the quality control, sample management, equipment and inspection fees, etc; the management, An automobile fuel witness the rating capacity, vent, sealing, compression, fireproof, low-temperature impact resistant, durable, eight of the project, the comprehensive evaluation test center in my tank.

After two days of inspection, testing center and parts of my comrades actively support group successfully completed the inspection work.

source of data:  http://www.autotoolscan.com

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