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ELV detection

In the 1990s, the people of automobile products, environmental problems, in order to reduce the car obviously enhance product damage to the environment, and to protect the environment and resources, and energy saving, various countries or regions are formulating various environmental laws and regulations to strengthen the management of recycling discarded automobiles, increase recycling discarded automobiles, reduce scrap automobiles index of environmental impacts, realize the sustainable growth of auto industry. How to deal with environmental protection and economy, promote the automobile industry scrapped cars of sustainable development, has become the focus of world automobile industry, and the regulations on waste management also gradually strictly.

In 2000, October 24, the eu formally promulgated ELV abandoned vehicles instruction 2000/53 / EC, the eu member states in April 21, 2002, before the regulations will have transformed into their respective national laws. The instruction of the range of cars, car and car accessories and waste materials. According to the instructions, the European Union member shall ensure that from July 1, 2003, the vehicle market (including materials and components) shall not exceed four heavy metal content in 2002/525 / EC regulation of concentration limits, namely the homogeneous material contained in the lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium shall not exceed the limit, the highest concentrations of 0.1 ?? Contains the highest concentrations of cadmium, shall not exceed the limit 0.01 ??

On February 6, 2006, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology and the state environmental protection administration jointly promulgated auto product recycling technology policy "(hereinafter referred to as Chinese ELV), clear requirements will auto product recycling index into automobile products market access permission management system, the requirements from 2008, China automobile production or marketing enterprises shall begin to automotive products can recycling registration work for the implementation stage, the technical target.

By 2010, China automobile enterprises or imported car general agent to handle the sales of cars for recycling products and packaging items. When the car in design and production of disabled toxic substances and the destruction of the environment materials, reduce and eventually stop using recycled materials and not detrimental to restrict the use of material, environmental protection of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium, bromine biphenyl (PBB), bromine biphenyl ether (harmful material such as PBDE).

source of data:  http://www.autotoolscan.com

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