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National vote of 150 million yuan to build laboratory test in chongqing bus intimacy

Chongqing science has announced a total investment of RMB 150 million, is the first state-level harshness (NVH) and safety control car key laboratories, formal through science and technology experts in chongqing.

That Noise (how) Harshness (NVH), Vibration), Vibration (Harshness (three), called on vehicle standard of "comfort". Open the building and city of state key laboratory of chongqing, will existing city traffic engineering research center and the harshness (NVH) vehicle crash safety/biological resources fully integrate key laboratory, etc, to build the most advanced domestic vehicle comfort test research base, fill in the relevant domestic automotive technology blank.

It is reported, this laboratory will rely on China's automotive engineering institute Co., LTD and chongqing changan automobile Co., LTD, with total investment of such construction will reach 150 million yuan, is expected to 3-5 years.

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