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China's first national engineering laboratory auto saving energy and environmental protection

China's first created by the national enterprise automotive engineering laboratory -- automobile energy conservation and environmental protection national engineering laboratories, July 3, chery's company.
This marked the Asian largest and most advanced experimental equipment of function, automotive technology and test center of chery automobile test technology centers built and put into use. This center planning and construction, with a total investment of RMB 15 billion in March 2008, construction, including automotive, vehicle and vehicle road, energy-saving, passive safety (powertrain collision), materials, such as measuring the laboratory experiment technology center of car.

March 2008, the national development and reform commission approval chery automobile energy-saving established national engineering laboratories. Since then, chery automotive engineering construction company with national laboratory for target, planning and construction covers an area of 300,000 square meters, the test technology center for complete car 23 professional module 1,800 project development and validation testing.

Chery test technology center, including automotive, energy-saving and environmental protection, vehicle powertrain, materials such as laboratory test track and a more than 800 sets, with international advanced equipment, including a number of national patent won the homemade test equipment. At present, chery test technology development center to meet every 30 all-new models and 200 million cars experiment phase construction will also demand, investing new-built laboratory two.

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