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Global top 100 enterprises in east Germany Bosch automobile test center

On June 28, one of the top 100 enterprises from global Germany Bosch group invested $360 million of Bosch automotive test center project in summer DongHaiXian formally signed.

The Bosch group is the world's largest producer of automobile technology, auto parts supplier and independent, is one of the world's leading technology and service provider, headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany. Its business includes auto-motor technology, industry technology, consumption and construction intelligence.

Bosch automotive test center summer project through more than two years of negotiations, with convenient transportation DongHaiXian both advantages and jiangsu coastal development opportunities, and finally in dozens of alternative to the crowd. According to the understanding of the project in the 1st phase, in 2012, the first major service YuBo chassis control system in China and the ESP ABS, TCS, will become the research and test center Bosch asia-pacific region of China, and the test to open car makers. In addition, the DongHaiXian for the development of industry and the province will have a positive role.

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