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National electric car into a national demonstration experiment to test center

China Daily news reporter from held recently established national electric vehicle experiment demonstration on 12 anniversary, the electric car test base - national electric vehicle test demonstration, ushered in the new country construction is expected to become test center, electric car, have been listed in guangdong electric vehicle development plan of action.

National electric car pilot zones in June 1998 in guangdong shantou officially starts, has been through 12 years the imbark course. After 12 years of unremitting efforts, the demonstration of not only fully completed successfully into the various countries and construction task, and fully experience the electric car research and development in the industry and operation, demonstration, test and inspection process, have gathered a large number of technical data, and has accumulated rich experience in automobile industry, electric provide valid data basis for our other cities, electric car running model provides useful reference. Experiment demonstration built three electric car proprietary testing laboratory and a data center, with the part of electric vehicle test capability, be in our country at present only electric automobile detection capability construction of base.

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