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Latest - Auto C168 scanner(2010.09.08)

The first wireless automotive fault diagnostic scanner Auto c168 scanner

C168 has a very powerful function with the lowest price, we have two kinds of auto c168. They have the same function, the only difference is the one is update by Internet, and the other one is update by email.

Auto c168 scanner covered the European vehicles, American vehicles, Japanese vehicles and Korean vehicles.

Auto C168 scanner is the first wireless automotive fault diagnostic scanner in China, because the wireless technology, C168 solves the problem caused by space and distance effectively.

If you want o save more money to get a c168 scanner, i suggest you can choose the one that update by email, you need not worry about the software, when we have the newest software, we will send to you by email.

If you want to know more about Auto c168 scanner, welcome to visit our website: www.autotoolscan.com

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Home    |    About us    |    Products    |    News    |    Download    |    FAQ    |    Contact    |    For Vauxhall     |    Sitemap

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